WhatsApp Features, Latest News & Updates: Two New Features Let Users Edit & Revoke Sent Message, Preview Archived Files

By V Doctor , Updated Dec 19, 2016 09:06 AM EST

WhatsApp will introduce two new features that will help users take back anything they may have previously stated or posted. Soon, WhatsApp users may edit or revoke messages, photos and videos that they already sent.

Two New WhatsApp Features

Techdroider reported that revoking will immediately remove sent messages on WhatsApp. The same command will also delete photos and videos in the recipient's device. Previously, deleting content will only affect the sender, but will not erase received content.

At present, WhatsApp messages may only be deleted at the local level, but the new feature is expected to help users be more careful about what they say or post online. The feature also allows WhatsApp users to edit their sent text messages. WhatsApp users can then change wrongly spelled words and grammatically wrong sentences.

They can also rephrase their statements to explain themselves better and avoid misunderstandings via WhatsApp. The edit and revoke features on WhatsApp will most likely be useful to many users, especially those who prefer to post on a whim, but later wish that they took more time to think about the content.

NDTV revealed that the new WhatsApp features will be disabled by default for iPhone beta app users, although these will most likely be available soon. The second feature allows WhatsApp users to preview shared archive files, like ZIP and RAR. This will help users save more time and take more caution before opening shared content.

Other New WhatsApp Features

Previously, WhatsApp delivered features that let users stream videos while these are being downloaded and animated GIF image support for Android. Users can send GIF through the attach file button that opens the Gallery on the device, and look for the GIF image to share.

The two features went through a beta phase before officially launching. WhatsApp is expected to announce the official launch date of the edit, revoke and preview features.

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the biggest instant messaging apps for mobile devices today. It allows users to send text messages, documents, images, videos and other types of content, as well as make video and voice calls. WhatsApp has over 1 billion users.

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