'Lenovo Yoga Book' Latest News & Update: Stunning Tablet-Laptop To Get Chrome OS In 2017, Find Out More Here!

By Milton Letterman , Updated Dec 19, 2016 10:18 AM EST

Lenovo announced its plan to release a Chrome OS version of the Yoga Book sometime next year. The tablet-laptop has been lauded due to its innovative touchscreen "Create Pad" keyboard, despite public reception towards it being rather-divisive.

Jeff Meredith, Lenovo's Vice President and General Manager of Android and Chrome Computing Business Group, broke the news in an exclusive interview with Laptop Mag. Meredith explained that the move is in response to growing interest towards the Chrome OS on the Yoga Book, noting that said variant will appeal greatly to students.

Meredith added that the Real Pen will work on the Chrome OS variant just the same as it did on the Android version. With over 2,048 pressure sensitivity levels, the Real Pen - a hybrid pen that writes both on paper and the Create Pad, aims to emulate real-life handwriting experiences in digital format.

Apart from that, Meredith added the possibility of combining both Chrome and Android OS features on the Yoga Book. That's because Chrome OS laptops have been able to run Android apps downloaded from the Play Store, according to The Verge. Add to that the fact that Google has worked to improve the Chrome OS in terms of touchscreen responsiveness.

Furthermore, Meredith stated that software improvements on the Yoga Book are currently in place. He disclosed that he formed a 100-man software team aiming to develop the software's user experience. Android Police reported that the Chrome OS - with its suitability for office work, would add a utilitarian touch to the device. With that, users can have many choices from each of the tablet-laptop's three versions.

As of now, Lenovo has yet to release an exact release date for the Chrome OS variant of the Yoga Book. Sales of the tablet-laptop have been relatively tepid in the US compared to countries such as China, Germany, and Japan. Yet, as a Wal-Mart exclusive, the highly-rated tablet-laptop's US sales would most likely soar once other partner retailers come into the fray. Watch The Verge's Yoga Book review below:

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