“Nintendo Switch” News & Updates: Insights On New Hybrid Console’s Major Technical Issues Ahead Of March 2017 Release!

By Milton Letterman , Updated Dec 18, 2016 08:41 PM EST

Nintendo played its eccentric side to an entirely new level with the introduction of the Switch. The hybrid console - a virtual successor to the Wii series of consoles, is the Japanese game company's answer to the monotony long imposed by Sony's Playstation and Microsoft's Xbox.

Since the Switch involves a sophisticated hybrid mechanism - one that allows players to use the console while on-the-go or at home through a TV-connected dock, it's fairly easy to assume that it involves a peculiar set of problems. As exciting as the hybrid console can be, one cannot deny that pressing matters concerning its technical issues exist, what with very scant details available ahead of its proposed March 2017 release.

Moving forward, here's a list of the top five technical issues players may encounter on the Nintendo Switch once it goes up for sale. More details are set to be revealed once the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 kicks off on January 13, 2016:


Based on Nintendo's preview of the Switch, it would most likely require a strong battery life. And given the hybrid console's size, it would be absurd to think that battery-related issues wouldn't be relevant. In that case, it would definitely require a battery that would enable it to last at least above four to five hours of continuous use outside of the Switch Dock.


Again, looking at Nintendo's preview of the Switch, hybridity has been highlighted as its main asset. Throughout the three-minute video, several users have been featured playing the hybrid console outside their homes - in parties, waiting areas, and even while in flight. Yet, the question lies on whether on-the-go situations would necessitate playtime with the hybrid console threatens its viability in terms of sales generation.

Needless to say, hybridity may look like a novel feature, but playing it at home would emerge as more reasonable and practical than using it outside. Perhaps the continued popularity of both its rivals - the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One, would be a noteworthy observation.


The Nintendo Switch promises even better performance - one that would attempt to reach the heights of both the PS4 and Xbox One with hybridity as its main distinction. However, whether the hybrid console's system permits the seamless operation of AAA games while on the go is a lingering question Nintendo fans continue to look answers for.

Besides, its moving parts - those that snap in various configurations seen in action on Nintendo's preview, is actually an ambitious move to take console gaming to the next level. Such would certainly raise expectations, and Nintendo holds the burden of satisfying those by countering the various possible problems the hybrid console's moving parts would introduce.


The Nintendo Switch is certainly small for its size, and many gamers know that handheld consoles don't hold as much storage space when compared with the likes of the PS4 and Xbox One. To say the least, the Switch's small size would practically utilize expandable memory and downloadable content as runarounds for making the hybrid console's ecosystem supportive of heavyweight games. But whether that would result to seamless gaming experiences remains an issue answerable only when the hybrid console hits the mainstream.

Third-Party Support

Lastly, but certainly not the least, third-party support stands as an issue to watch out for when the Nintendo Switch finally comes out. Nintendo's history of poor third-party support for its home consoles could possibly plight its upcoming hybrid console. That, of course, can change once the Japanese tech company works actively enough with more developers looking into various opportunities for third-party support, for the hybrid console to support the hottest game titles. Watch Nintendo's preview video for the Nintendo Switch below:

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