Official Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Investigation Results Sent To Authorities, While Carriers Agree To Disable The Smartphone

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 19, 2016 12:57 PM EST

Samsung has reportedly concluded their official investigation regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The company has submitted the findings to the appropriate authorities for further validation. Even though they have issued a recall of their flagship handset, there are still some users holding on to their units.

Samsung has expressed their plan to roll-out a software update, which will disable the existing Samsung Galaxy Note 7's to stop charging and reject carrier signals. Consumers who are still using the device have until the first week of January (depending on the carrier), before the software update bricks their phone, according to Popular Science. Users will also allegedly have a hard time travelling since the FAA has banned the smartphones from all flights.

The official investigation results for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are eventually going to be released to the public. However, some speculations have already dismissed the battery as the culprit. A recent article from Gamenguide states, that an engineering company performed their own investigation and came up with a possible reason for the explosions.

They were able to confirm that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 enclosure lacks ample space for battery. Battery engineers agree that since rechargeable lithium-ion batteries will eventually swell up, designers should leave a certain amount of space to allow the battery to expand, which is roughly estimated to be a 10% allowance. The phone was reportedly designed to be slimmer than its predecessor, but still offer a better battery performance. Samsung took a risk with its internal design and have paid dearly for it.

Some consumers have shifted over to other brands ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall. It appears Samsung really needs impress people with its next flagship smartphone next year. If the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 are true, then it could possibly help the Korean electronics giant to bounce back from its losses.

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