MacBook Pro Release Date, Latest News & Update: iPad Pro 2 Seen As Having Potential To Eradicate Apple Notebook

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 19, 2016 10:37 AM EST

The debate on whether an iPad Pro 2 could truly take the place of the MacBook Pro continues with the operating system seen as a problem. Or is it?

MacBook Pro power issues may spell doom

The latest MacBook Pro didn’t really draw positive reception, mostly because of the lack of power most were hitting on. Apple opted to use an Intel Skylake chipset, something attributed to the fact that the Intel Kaby Lake processors have yet to be stocked up.

Aside from that, there is the controversial 16 GB limit in place, something the Cupertino company claims was necessary to retain the energy-efficiency of the MacBook Pro. As most know by now, the battery life has faltered and those energy-saving initiatives have made Apple looks bad.

With so many problems plaguing the MacBook Pro, could it reach a point where Apple abandons it and turns to the flexible iPad Pro 2 to succeed it? It may all boil down to the software that supports the tablet.

Apple needs to make iPad Pro a productivity tool

As most know, the MacBook Pro is one that caters to the productivity side of users. This includes word processing, spreadsheets as well as photo and video editing. While there are tons of apps at the Apple App Store to turn to, it begs to ask if the iPad Pro 2 can truly evolve into a mobile and desktop alternative, Forbes reported.

As mentioned in a previous post, this is a question that has been recurring for some time now. The iPad Pro can hook up with an external keyboard and mouse while using the cloud to act as storage. Is this the ultimate solution that modern day techies could be soon transforming to? A possible point of comparison is the Microsoft Surface Pro series.

While Apple has been getting heat when compared to the flexible hybrid, the programs, and software used on the laplet once again comes to mind. If Apple is to eventually transition to an iPad Pro to replace the MacBook Pro, it all boils down to software engineering and filling the tablet with apps catering to productivity.

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