'FIFA 17' Tips, Tricks & Latest News: How To Get Good Ratings In The Journey

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 19, 2016 07:07 PM EST

Having good match ratings is crucial for the development of your character. Here are the tips and tricks on how to earn good match rating in "FIFA 17," The Journey.

In playing "FIFA 17," the best clubs managers expect from you ratings of at least 8.5 or 7.5. These ratings, however, are not easily earned, particularly if you only have about 15 minutes of playing time. The best way to increase your assessment is by recording goals and assists. In addition, dribbling or shot attempts, and good passes can also grant you some points. On the contrary, inaccurate passes, losing the ball, fouls and cards will decrease your rating.

"FIFA 17:" How To Get Good Rating In The Journey

If you choose to play with the entire team, consider using Alex to score points or assists as more significant than winning the game. The exception to this rule is the matches assigned by the manager for you to win. Aside from that, you can securely decrease the number of goals scored by players except for the Hunter, says Game Pressure.

Take note, however, not to pass every ball to him. Execute plays calmly, from your side of the pitch, pay less attention to the star player. Search for the Hunter only when you are in front of the enemy's goal his position in the field is represented by a symbol. Design favorable conditions for Alex, and even if the goal is empty, always choose to pass it to your star player. In addition, assists can also fetch points for you.

"FIFA 17:" How To Get Good Ratings In The Journey

If you choose to play the entire match as Hunter, you request your teammates to pass the ball to you or advocate that they should score. To do this, use the basic control buttons. Use the ground pass button to request for a ground pass from a teammate, you can use the perpendicular pass and the cross buttons in the same manner.

By doing the shot, you are suggesting that your teammate should also try to score. Do not this often, though; your teammates will always do your commands, regardless of the success chances. If, however, you request a pass while Alex is marked, the pass will be seized and your rating will decrease.

Use sprint sparingly. When you play as the whole team, it is easy to get used to hitting the sprint button most of the time. Doing this repeatedly will exhaust Hunter in minutes. Also, please take note that if you are using a console pad the sticks for the sprint are analog, which means that your player's speed depends on how fast they are pressed.

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