'League Of Legends: Snowdown Showdown' Tricks, Tips & Latest Update: How To Use Snowdown Sweets; Hextech Crafting To Get Icons, Skins

By Yang , Updated Dec 18, 2016 08:03 PM EST

It is "League of Legends'" Snowden Showdown time as it is beginning to snow on Summoner's Rift. It simply means that Riot has baked several succulent Poro Snax for you to munch on while unlocking new items and a completely new Hextech Crafting system. Here are the specifics about The Snowden Showdown event, which will conclude on January 9.

New Items in "League of Legends: The Snowdown Showdown"

Players can get Poro King Icon by playing "Legend of the Poro King" at least once. In addition, you can have Dark Star and Star Guardian Poro Icons at 250 RP and if while playing "Legend of the Poro King" you are equipped, you will receive a little costumed poro.

Get Santa Braum, Snow Day Graves, and Karma at 1350 RP, Legacy, while Santa Penguin Ward is at 640 RP. Aside from that, have Snowblower, Red-nosed Poro, Snowflake Icons- 250 RP and send any mystery gift by the end of the event to get Snow Day Scuttler Icon

Snowdown Crafting in "League of Legends: The Snowdown Showdown"

Snowdown Sweets drip from any Hextech Chest throughout the event and can be utilized to unlock special icons that give you special emotes in the game. There is something super gratifying about slaying a jungler who got too avaricious on a tower dive and spamming a Sad Amumu or a Hungry Poro over your head.

There is a total of four chests that can be unlocked throughout this event. Winter Chests (125 RP) are basically regular chests with somewhat more Sweets in them. Legacy Chests (295 RP) enclose one Legacy skin shard and one bonus Sweet. In addition, Snowdown Chest (295 RP) entails no Key and has at least one thematic skin fragment and three bonus sweets. Every single day, there is a new theme such as fire or stars.

Moreover, the ultimate Hextech Crate cannot be crafted. Poro King's Treasure Chest can only be gathered by accumulating three Poro King Treasure Chest Fragments. These fragments can only be obtained by purchasing Hextech Crates. The chest is very special because it contains a Snowdown permanent skin, a skin in which requires no more crafting, says Riot Games.

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