'Super Mario Run’ Crashes When Linked to Facebook; Here’s How to Fix It

By Allan , Updated Dec 19, 2016 07:10 PM EST

As of today, "Super Mario Run" has already been downloaded by millions of players that it could actually beat the record of "Pokemon GO". However, users complain that the game crashes whenever players link the game to their Facebook account. Nintendo has acknowledged the bug and came up with a solution for players that have experienced the bug.

What Causes the Crash in "Super Mario Run"

When smartphones and tablets were first introduced in the market, Nintendo vowed never to release any game for it. But it looks like they have changed their mind as they now have "Super Mario Run" available for all iOS users. Unfortunately, things are not going as smooth as expected because its Friends list feature is not working properly.

After downloading "Super Mario Run" in the player's phone, they will start with a tutorial how the game is played and then be required to download additional game data to get the full experience of the game. Things just start to go wrong when players link their Facebook account to the game and none of their friends is playing the game.

How to Fix the Bug in "Super Mario Run"

In a statement released by Nintendo, a quick reboot of the game will fix the bug or at least until they are able to update "Super Mario Run" game data. Nintendo also assures the player's game data will not be affected when they reboot so there is nothing to worry about. Moreover, they also said that although the bug causes inconvenience, it will not in any way affect the gameplay nor the progress of the player in the game.

Nintendo has a reputation for providing players with well-made games so the bug for "Super Mario Run" should be fixed anytime soon. Although the company haven't released any statement yet when the update will be released, the bug is only a minor issue and only affects a small number of its current players.

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