'Stardew Valley' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To Raise Dinosaurs In The Farm & Get Many Dinosaur Eggs

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 19, 2016 06:53 PM EST

"Stardew Valley" does not only progress on farming, mining, and relationships alone but also through the artifacts and things that the players ship. This includes fossils, ancestral tools, and minerals. Now, a dinosaur egg is one of the artifacts that should be given to Gunther, the person who owns the artifact museum.

However, a dinosaur egg is not an artifact but also an egg that can be hatched in the incubator inside a coop. Funny as it sounds, it is actually true and legit. The dinosaur egg can be hatched to have a dinosaur in the farm. Once mature, this dinosaur will lay dinosaur eggs just like other chickens and ducks in the coop.

How to obtain the dinosaur egg?

To obtain the dinosaur egg in "Stardew Valley," players must search for every artifact spot throughout the map, especially in Pelican Town from near houses, to the hilltop. These spots look like worms that are protruding from the ground, which is why players should use their hoe to dig it up. However, dinosaur eggs cannot be obtained by digging artifact spots alone, but also through fishing and in the mines. Fishing requires a lot of skill so that the bar that holds the fish is wide enough to hold both.

Two things to do at the same time

Fishing chests can be tricky when the fish is restless in "Stardew Valley". To do this, players should build up the green progress bar on the right until it is almost full. After that, they should quickly align their reeling bar to where the chest is. Once the chest is fully subdued, players should go hack to the fish to fully capture it. One note to remember though; letting the fish escape even though players got the chest will not work. This is the reason why both fish and the chest must be reeled in successfully. The game sure is fun with skills, which why players are encouraged to do more tasks in one day to obtain the dinosaur egg that is both peculiar and ancient.

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