'Monster Hunter XX' Release Date, News & Update: Two New Trailers From Capcom Introduces Renkin-Style & Special Hunting Techniques

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 20, 2016 08:17 AM EST

Capcom, the creator of "Monster Hunter" series, released another trailer that shows new hunting techniques in the upcoming game "Monster Hunter XX." The new style is called "Renkin style" and this style boosts greatly and can tilt a losing battle into a victorious one.

The power up that it provides to other players can significantly increase the stats of each one and can deal huge amounts of damage to boss monsters. Alone or in team fights, this will greatly increase the rates of winning the monster battles and players can obtain materials easier for progress and crafting of stronger weapons and armor.

SP or the Style Power Up during combat and against huge monsters

One thing that players should always prioritize is the damage they inflict on the monsters to obtain materials from it in "Monster Hunter XX." In addition, other styles will be boosted when the Renkin style is activated. It is an action where it is activated in the items menu, which has a picture that looks like a barrel on a ground. Once selected, players can use this with respect on how many stacks they got on their "Renkin Gauge" that is located on top of the players' names.

Not only boost but bombards monsters as well

Constructing a team is always essential as a hunter in "Monster Hunter XX" because it will give more win rate on the player's side compared from normal Felynes. Through Renkin style, boosts are there including Style Power ups [also called SP].Not only that, but Renkin style can also be used to bombard or damage huge monsters, which is beneficial for hunters.

Lastly, when hunters in the game receive a boost, along with their names, it is displayed with two initials, which is "SP" and the boost is already in effect when that initials are displayed in line with the player's name. The game will be released on the Nintendo 3DS on March 18, 2017 in Japan while the West localization will follow afterward.

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