'Halo 5' Latest News & Update: More Updates Are Coming; 343's Studio-wide Presentation Seems To Suggest A New Project?

By Febe AF , Updated Dec 19, 2016 08:59 PM EST

Following the DLC update, "Monitor's Bounty", last December 8, good news will be putting smile on the faces of Halo fans. It has been reported that "Halo 5" will be able to receive more updates in the upcoming months.

It can be remembered that Monitor's Bounty has been recognized as the largest Forge update that the Halo Franchise have ever seen. In fact, the update was huge, that because of this 343 Industries had to reveal it in two installment, as agreed by VG 24/7. "Halo 5" can already be played on Windows 10 considering that both Arena and Forge has already arrived on PC's of which fans began loving it as it is completely free. But on the other hand, this has no matching making.

The update has also brought the much awaited and anticipated Custom Games Browser "Halo 5" on Windows 10 and Xbox One console. It has been said that this is a great feature if gamers are looking for new friends to take down as it allows them to search for games which are in progress. It allows gamers to join such other games.

"Halo's 5", Monitor's Bounty, also has brought a new feature that is called Observer Mode. This feature shows the status and the details of the weapon for those eight gamers currently playing the match. The purpose of which is for the viewers and casters to find out the quantity of players who had Power-ups and Power Weapons and how many were already on respawn.

Indeed, the "Monitor's Bounty" DLC update of "Halo 5"gave players more confidence and trust to 343 Industries, its developer. That is why more updates are coming their way.

According to Halowaypoint, the developer has teased what sounds like an all-new Halo projects. It has been said that the substance is not clear-cut but there was a "studio-wide presentation by Tim Longo, Halo Creative Director, on some super interesting topics pertaining to super secret future stuff," 343's community manager said." This then made players more excited.

Because of this, we can pretty well assume that more updates will be coming our way. So don't be left out and stay tuned only here in GameNGuide.

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