MacBook Pro Latest News & Update: Greatest Mishap Of Apple; Where Is It Heading?

By Febe AF , Updated Dec 19, 2016 09:04 PM EST

Following the release of the new Touch Bar MacBook Pro laptops, customers went complaining as Apple's promise on a 10 hour battery life has not been realized. Because of this many people is suggesting to let Apple discard such laptop.

Because of the growing complaints, Apple has been making an amendment as it offers an update. It mentioned that this update will dwell on the new MacBook Pro's stability and graphics.

 Apple has been sending out a new macOS update to put a stop to its time remaining indicator that would show up when the battery icon will be clicked in the status bar. But so far this is not the only change that the company has made.

Speculations suggest that the new update will bring improvements to its battery life. This only means that owners should get 10 hour battery life which has been promised lately.

But since the issue, Apple still stands behind its promise saying that MacBook Pro really offers up 10 hours of its battery life, Auto Omobile confirms. Because of this users began reluctant.

Recently the update to macOS 10.12.2 has removed the indicator which shows the hours and minutes left before the battery of such laptop will die. "Given the under-clocking and variable power demands placed on the battery by the CPU, GPU, and system architecture, it could be argued that Apple would find it difficult to estimate the battery remaining on a user's unique MacBook Pro set-up," as Forbes suggested.

Now, few reports are showing that MacBook Pro has been coming in with longer life than before upon the installment of the software update. The five to six hours that users came complaining has now become into a more realistic change of nine to ten battery life.

Given the positive feedback of the MacBook Pro's users upon installment of macOS 10.12.2, it seems that Apple is bringing back the trust of its loyal customers. Hence, Apple might not discard the new Touch Bar MacBook Pro.

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