'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Christmas Update Schedule Released, Two Sets Of Gen 2 Pokemon Arriving On December 25 [Reports]

By LA Zamora , Updated Dec 20, 2016 05:28 AM EST

The excitement for the highly anticipated "Pokemon Go" Christmas update has unfortunately fizzled out because of the inconsistent and disappointing "Pokemon Go" update released by Niantic. The only exciting part of the recently released "Pokemon Go" update was the baby Gen 2 Pokemon.

However, there seems to be a catch. According to reports, Niantic might release another wave of "Pokemon Go" updates within the remaining days of December. What could be in the upcoming "Pokemon Go" Christmas update? Read on for more details.

'Pokemon Go' Latest News

As most game updates do, "Pokemon Go" latest update reportedly fixed major bugs in the augmented-reality game. According to "Pokemon Go" players, the latest "Pokemon Go" update was functional and efficient, but not as exciting as expected.

The latest "Pokemon Go" update was noticeably focused on cleaning out the bugs and ironing out the wrinkles in the game. This has led to speculations that Niantic might be releasing another "Pokemon Go" Christmas update that will be focused on fun and entertaining changes in the game.

'Pokemon Go' Latest Updates

One of the said "Pokemon Go" bug that was cleaned out in the latest "Pokemon Go" update was the one that erroneously made the phones of the players vibrate making them believe that a Pokemon is nearby. Niantic has already issued an official statement regarding that matter on their Twitter account.

As for the baby Gen 2 Pokemon released by Niantic, it appears that the players are not contented with seven new pocket monsters. According to reports, Niantic plans on releasing at least 100 new Gen 2 Pokemon.

However, due to some constraints, Niantic will reportedly be releasing baby Gen 2 Pokemon on a by batch basis. This would mean that "Pokemon Go" players can expect a lot of "Pokemon Go" updates in 2017.

Meanwhile, the "Pokemon Go" Christmas update still remains in a cloud of mystery and players are still expecting a series "Pokemon Go" Christmas in-game events. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Pokemon Go" news and updates!


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