'Steep' Latest News and Update: Game Review, Traversing the Swiss Alps, Players Won't Play the Game For Long, Find Out Why

By Samille Jan Abada , Updated Dec 20, 2016 01:44 AM EST

"Steep" was launched in Nov. 18, 2016. It is a game which allows players to seamlessly zip down mountain ranges using snowboards, skis, wingsuits or paragliders accompanied with a radial menu. However, there are some issues suffered by players of "Steep."

"Steep" manifests mountains more than just white fences encircling a greener playfield. Green spots of the world and valleys triggers the mighty Alps filling its snowy and rocky sandbox as described in Gamespot.

Despite of these wonderful features, players seemed to realize the ugly side of "Steep" with regard to its gameplay. Some players complain that it only offers a small match to wander the grandeur of the open world and they are having a hard time following some acts. This game is a better practice to test the skills of the players against everything from tougher rocky to smoother powder paths.

Meanwhile, the freestyle events allow experience for the purpose of showmanship while the "Bone Collector" events resulted in speculations inviting players to throw their bodies off a cliff the same way as avalanche.

Perhaps, the best rewards offered in "Steep" are only cosmetic items. But, it cannot pay off the hard times in moving in the impressive world. Cosmetic items include fluffy bunny suits that do not have some function. Some events may be unlocked, but they are just similar on the things that have already played by players. The wing suit does not even change the performance of the players even if it has another design. Some say that it is not a kind of game that players can play as long as they want.  The significance of this game is still unknown.

"Steep" is the newest game of Ubisoft according to Irish Examiner. Aside of skiing and snowboarding using wingsuits or paragliding, the game doesn't offer some exciting adventure. Some of the challenges in the game are just simple that is why some players get bored quickly. There is no specific goal to attain.

There are some parts of communism in the paragliding mode. The open world in "Steep" is not the same as in "GTA". The game is extremely fun but having no goal limits makes players not want to play for a longer period. 


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