Samsung Galaxy S8 Update: Is The New Flagship Coming With Similar Note 7 Features?

By Henry Abragan , Updated Dec 20, 2016 08:01 AM EST

Samsung Galaxy S8 is believed to be the South Korean company's solution to reclaim its customers' trust following the Galaxy Note 7 issues. However, rumors suggest that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with the similar specs that the Note 7 also had.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumored to come with the following features, which are likely to bring new controversy to the company.

Samsung Galaxy S8 To Have Iris Recognition Technology

Samsung Galaxy S8 will likely adopt the iris recognition technology, which is among the Galaxy Note 7 features that was considered incredible prior to the recall issue. However, reports indicate that the iris technology on the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be faster compared to the one used in the Note 7. Given that, the Samsung Pass will likely be launched again, which the recalled Note 7 has also had.

Samsung Galaxy S8 To Have Similar Display With Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Reports claim that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have the same display given to the Galaxy Note 7, considering that the spec sheet for the new flagship may likely be equipped with the Y-OCTA display technology like the one used in the recalled device, helping the tech company to manufacture a thinner handset and lower manufacturing cost.

Samsung Galaxy S8 To Have Fingerprint Scanner On The Back

Samsung Galaxy S8 is also reported to adopt from the Galaxy Note 7 the fingerprint scanner on the back. This feature is believed to be a huge bet for the company given that the fingerprint sensor has been anticipated by everyone, according to report.

Meanwhile, many  believe that the rumored fingerprint sensor will be included in the Samsung Galaxy S8 due to a few reasons. First, the fingerprint sensor's initial testing has proven inaccurate, which means a dedicated sensor is still needed. Second, there will be no home button in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, based on several reports.

Samsung Galaxy S8 entirety, most importantly, will be mostly a display, according to GSM Arena. Watch Samsung Galaxy S8 - Top 10 Upcoming Features!

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