Overwatch News and Update: Join the Winter Wonderland Christmas Arcade Games and Win Loot Boxes

By Flo Maxino , Updated Dec 20, 2016 01:52 PM EST

Ho Ho Ho! All the fans are gearing up and loading their FPS skills in these new arcade games of Overwatch. The Winter Wonderland Christmas Arcade games give you a lot of loot boxes once you win in the competition.

Fans of Game of the year, Overwatch, have been joining the Arcade Games in their Winter Wonderland Christmas Patch. Not only is it a different way of playing but you also get to win tons of loot boxes. The objective is different from the very popular Quick Play of the game where fans compete with other players online, 6v6 (6 players vs. 6 players), to finish their objective (i.e. to attack or defend the Pay Load).

There are tons of other achievements and trophies along with the Winter Wonderland Christmas games but the best way to gather and win loot boxes in a lesser amount of time is by playing the Arcade Games. There are four Arcade Games in Overwatch but the most popular one is entitled Mei's Snowball Offensive. Here, players battle head-on, 6v6, with other players until the team with the last man standing wins. All players play as Mei and you are given only ONE AMMO (a snowball) to hit other players. Unlike the Quick Play where you can rejuvenate, this event is a One shot-One kill kind of game. Instead of her Blizzard ulti, you get to have unlimited ammo/snowballs for a few seconds. This is basically like a snowball fight only with much needed strategies and reflexes.

Other games include some of the regular arcade games:

  •  Winter Mystery - a 6v6 game like Quick Play, only you DON'T get to choose your character and it is entirely random for every re-spawn.
  •  Elimination - a 3v3 with no re-spawns and the first team with all players down, loses.
  •  No Limits - a 6v6 where players get to have the same characters.

The Winter Wonderland Christmas games last until January 2 so players and gamers are playing as much so they can win the loot boxes. There are exciting prizes in the loot boxes and some skins that go along with the Christmas theme in Overwatch.

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