Nintendo Switch Hardware Information: Performance Comparison While Docked And Undocked

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 20, 2016 01:35 AM EST

 Ever since Nintendo unveiled the Switch, gamers have been vigilantly preying on any tidbit of information regarding the hybrid console. People want to know the Nintendo Switch price point and its exact release date. A few others also desire to tear down the console and check its hardware. Some gamers are very interested on how powerful the Switch can be. Luckily some sources have uncovered its finer details, which claims the device gets more power when its docked and performs slower when in portable mode.

Sources have revealed that the Nintendo Switch apparently gets a graphical boost while its docked. According to Eurogamer, the device will reportedly run on the same 1020MHz CPU speeds when its docked or in portable mode. However, its GPU performance significantly lowers down to almost 40% its rated performance. When the Switch is docked it enjoys the full 768MHz GPU speed, while upon removal from the base station, it tapers down to 307.2MHz to possibly stay within the battery and thermal limits of the console.

The Switch's available memory controller speeds can apparently be assigned by the game developers. It is rated at 1600MHz fully maximized and 1331MHz as its minimum. The console is purported to hold a customized Nvidia Tegra chip with Maxwell graphics technology. The console's display is a multi-touch unit with a 720p resolution. Given the rumored chipset used by the system, it might just hold a little over 1 teraflop of processing power. It puts the hybrid console well below current-gen units from other brands like Microsoft and Sony.

The Nintendo Switch will make its official debut in January next year. The Japanese company has not confirmed the exact details it will showcase during that event. Its price and launch titles lineup is expected to be announced. The Switch's speculated release date is still sometime in March 2017.

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