‘Final Fantasy XV’ Latest News & Update: Steps To Adding Aranea Permanently To The Team; Character Limitations Revealed

By Min Montes , Updated Dec 20, 2016 07:57 AM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" players can now have a chance to keep character Aranea Highwind in the team permanently and it's all thanks to a glitch that has been discovered by several players. Aranea actually appears for a brief period during a dungeon run together with Noctis' group.

After the sexy Dragoon mercenary leaves, gamers can't expect for her to return anymore. Aranea is one of the most powerful characters that's why players want to keep her. But in order to do so, reports detailed that players must be in chapter 9 or in the post-game chapter 15 of "Final Fantasy XV." But it's highly advised that players back up their save file before trying the process of keeping Aranea.

According to Game Rant, the first step that "Final Fantasy XV" gamers must do is to rest at Cotisse Haven after chapter 7. After that, they must take the Raindrops Hunt to fast forward to night time. By midnight, drop ships will disappear and Giants will come to the surface. Players must then head North towards the mountains and red fence.

"Final Fantasy XV" players will encounter some Imperial ships along the way. If this happens, they will only need to wait until they fly away. When the coast is clear, head back to the camp. Aranea will appear around this time. Run to the radius, open the map and then go back to the rest point. Players must take note that they have to open the camp menu prior to Aranea's animation begins. Once players see her at the camp, they must click the Camp at once.

At this point, "Final Fantasy XV" players will be able to keep Aranea now just as long after camping, they reload the camping autosave. Aranea will be in the team until the game's main story is completed. There are limitations to Aranea's activities though like she can't fish with Noctis. She won't be able to ride the chocobo too. She will also run at super speed behind the rest of the team.

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