'Street Fighter V' Tips, Tricks & Latest News: Capcom Finally Penalizes Rage Quitters; Here Are Few Tips To Win Some Matches

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Dec 20, 2016 08:19 AM EST

Capcom will soon be implementing a punishment for online rage quitters. The company will be penalizing players that purposefully quit matches on "Street Fighter V."

Capcom Will Finally Penalize Rage Quitters In New Policy

According to Digital Trends, PC beta users have already spotted a new character icon. The new icon will distinguish players known to quit when they're almost losing a match.

The new penalty system will also pair rage quitters with each other. It will be a similar penalty system to "Dota 2's" low priority pool. Quitting prematurely in matches prevents players from losing skill points.

Capcom just recently decided to implement stricter punishment for online rage quitters. Previous versions allow the prevalence of rage quitting due to lack of punishment.

Tips To Win In "Street Fighter V"

Sometimes the game just gets to our nerve, and we often lose patience when executing attacks. Leading to poor performance and eventual rage quitting. To prevent that from happening here's a few tips and tricks to improve your chances of winning.

In this guide, you'll know the basics of every fighting game, "Street Fighter V" is not an exception. Here are some of the tricks.

Stay low and avoid jumping. In your first few rounds of "Street Fighter V," learning to control the urge to jump will lead you to better chances of winning. Jumping will allow your opponent to execute a counter combo when you're in midair. It causes you to take heavy damage and a big chance of losing the match. Players will have to learn how to stay low and keep their distance to perform a counter punch or kick.

Play with a defensive mindset. Defense leads to offense; the term still stands since the introduction of fighting games. Aggressiveness is not a bad thing, but over aggressiveness is. You'll have to master how to defend before you can master certain combos to defeat your opponent.

Practice and master a character one at a time. It's good to play all the characters in "Street Fighter V," but it's better to familiarize one. Of course, you can master all characters, but keeping an ace card inside your sleeve is better.

Learn how to use your V-Gauge. "Street Fighter V" has a new feature called the V-Gauge. It's on the top of your EX Meter. It will fill up as your character takes damage and as you perform V-Skill moves. Players must also master how to use their V-Gauge to execute a V-Reversal or V-Trigger. The last but not the least, players must also familiarize each character's unique critical art.

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