'Final Fantasy 7' Remake News & Update: Square Enix Hires New Game Director to Speed Up Release Date; Character Details Revealed!

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Dec 20, 2016 08:16 AM EST

"Final Fantasy 7" Remake is progressing well. In fact, a new update about the game was recently released and this will surely make fans more excited. A new director was hired for the development team so with his fresh input, something new might be coming to the game.

New Director

Square Enix just confirmed that Kyohei Suzuki is joining the team as director and he will be in charge of "Final Fantasy 7" Remake. However, this does not mean that Tesuya Nomura is now out of the picture because he is still included in FFVII team even with the new director.

The addition of Suzuki was first known to the public after Inside Games reported that during a talk for university students, the game director disclosed that he is currently working on the "Final Fantasy 7" Remake. Although a new chief has been introduced, Nomura will continue to provide help for the game.

Square Enix singed up Suzuki since Nomura is currently busy with "Kingdom Hearts 3." Since the two brilliant game directors will be contributing for the "Final Fantasy 7" Remake, the outcome is expected to be huge.


The characters for "Final Fantasy 7" Remake will not be redesigned but they may look a bit different as they will sport some new details. Likewise, aside from few points, the characters will generally look the same as they are bound to retain their features.

Moat probably, the only difference would be giving the characters of "Final Fantasy 7" Remake ‘more life' by applying touch-ups that will give them a more realistic rendition. Players will now see versions of Biggs, Jessie and Wedge in nearly human-like appearance.

Release Date

Finally, the "Final Fantasy 7" Remake took so long to create and it was revealed that this is due to the game having multiple parts. But players should get excited as insiders estimated that it will be out on PlayStation 4 in 2017. it was added that it will come with new content and bits of improvements.

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