Diablo 3 2.0.1 Patch Notes: Allows Creation of Clans and Communities, Paves Way For Reaper of Souls Expansion

By Alex Riviello , Updated Feb 26, 2014 11:37 AM EST

The hugely anticipated 2.0.1 patch for Diablo III is now available, despite some technical problems that delayed gamers from downloading it this morning as planned. There was a hardware issue discovered last minute but it was resolved as quickly as they hoped, and now that it's ready to go you can dive into the patch, enjoying all the updates and the brand new clans and communities. What's more, this update sets the stage for the upcoming first expansion to the game- Reaper of Souls

There's an absolute ton of changes to the game, mostly related to the playable characters and their abilities. You can see the huge list of notes on the patch on Blizzard's site here. The biggest feature is the addition of clans and Communities. Anyone can create Clan, which lets you display your clan tag next to your name. Members can enjoy a private chat channel, a News and Info tab to set up Clan affairs, and and their own private treehouse (That last part is not true.) 120 people can be in any one Clan, and you can only be a member of one Clan at a time. Communities are similar but you can join as many as you want, and they can be organized by all kinds of categories, including Classes, Regional and Game Type. It should help bolster the community and get people more immersed in the game, especially with all of the various tweaks that were made to balance gameplay.

The 2.0.1 patch is available for download in Diablo 3 right now- Reaper of Souls will be available March 25th. Don't forget that the upcoming PS4 version of the game will contain both, and is considered by the developers themselves to be somewhat of a definitive edition of the game.

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