'Super Mario Run' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Hidden Coin Guide; Black Coins Locations Revealed

By Karen de la Cruz , Updated Dec 20, 2016 05:10 PM EST

Not only is "Super Mario Run" jam-packed with things to do like competing in a special competitive mode, building a Mushroom Kingdom, or saving Princess Peach from the evil clutches but it is also packed with coins used to unlock new items in the Kingdom Builder. There are pink coins, purple coins, and black coins. Fans of the side-scrolling auto-running video game can't wait to figure out where these coins are located, most especially the black coins, the hardest ones to get.

It is said that the most challenging yet fun parts of "Super Mario Run" aren't the bosses or completing stages, but it is actually collecting the black coins. Unlike the rest of the coins which can be collected easily, the hard-to-get black-coin collectibles are only available after you've finished every other type of special coin collections.

Are you one of those players who are having a hard time locating or collecting the black coins in "Super Mario Run?" Here's where to locate the black coins in the first 2 stages of World 1.

To get the first Black Coin in World 1-1 of "Super Mario Run," wall-jump off the first 3-block wall. The second Black Coin is right on the ground of the three cloud blocks which is very high. The third Black Coin is in the pit underneath the row of 7 brick blocks in the sky. The fourth Black Coin is past the three green pipes. Finally, the fifth Black coin is located near the end, hidden in the first brick of a brick blocks row.

In "Super Mario Run" World 1-2, the first Black Coin is right below the ceiling. Whereas, the second Black Coin can be found when you steep hill hugging the wall. The third Black Coin can be found after passing through the second pipe. Move through the third pipe and jump up the shaft with all the coins on either side. There's a Question block at the top that is a bit tricky to hit After the fourth, you can see pits with Piranha plants. Avoid it until you get to the end for the last coin.

Have you figured out where the black coins are located in the other stages of "'Super Mario Run?" Let us know by hitting the comment section below.

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