'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Update: Scenes Scrapped from Original FFXV Include Extended Boss Fight, Abused Luna

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 20, 2016 10:54 PM EST

Now that "Final Fantasy XV" is out, interesting discussion about what could have been included but was deleted in the final version proved to be a nice pastime. Remember that "Final Fantasy XV" was into a decade of development and several changes were introduced including new director and platform.

So, be warned to take everything with a grain of salt - a sizeable grain in this "Final Fantasy XV" tracer. After all, everything is moot and academic since the game already invaded. What could be "Final Fantasy XV" prior to this date have evolved into something that players currently enjoy. But hey, there is another leak that some of those buried in "Final Fantasy XV" chest will be revisited and included in future updates.

Starting with the current "Final Fantasy XV" endgame where it abruptly ends with boss fight against Ardyn, YouTube recap said that the original plan was to make it gradual. Last minute changes were introduced to shorten the boss fight. Accordingly, summons was reduced due to belief that "Final Fantasy XV" need to delve on summons that much.

Focus on Throne of Chaos Chapter 0 will also lead to another drastic change in "Final Fantasy XV." The source said that there was supposed to be an actual god to appear physically. This god acts as one of the main antagonist for "Final Fantasy VX."

Now about Luna, there are leaks about the original storyline referring to this "Final Fantasy XV" character being abused. However, it is good that developers decided to shift focus from her and employ gender sensitivity instead. So if our dear gamers are still appalled by this supposed "Final Fantasy XV" twist, a character that looks like Caligo attacked Luna, IBT said. Needless to say, this "Final Fantasy XV" subplot did not appear in the final version.

So at any rate, Square Enix made a balance between wholesome "Final Fantasy XV" approach and gruesomeness that was essential. While some players might get excited about the above-mentioned leaks, "Final Fantasy XV" have at least made unnecessary elements scrapped.

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