Titanfall Map Names, Layouts and All Game Modes Leaked

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Mar 03, 2014 09:28 AM EST

Titanfall's hotly anticipated launch is only a week away, and the beta that gave players a taste of what to come has been over. As good as it was to get to play the game and make people excited though, the beta was limited in the maps and game types it had, and the details of the full game have been kept under wraps too--until now.

Leaked information has revealed the names and layouts (seen here) of all of the maps--15 in total--and the final lineup of competitive game modes, five in all.

A new mode we're just hearing about is Pilot Hunter, in which the objective is to focus solely on Pilot kills rather than destroying the titans. The other game modes are Attrition (deathmatch), Capture the Flag, Hardpoint Domination, and Last Titan Standing.

The new information also confirmed the expected inclusion of Call of Duty's "prestige system", in which you can level to the cap and choose a bonus, then start over at level one. In Titanfall it's called "Generations", and when you reach the cap, you can give up of all your experience, but earn XP at a 110 percent rate from then on. It's a way to keep players striving for something after hitting the first level cap, and is a badge of achievement or honor (or, "wow, that guy has played a lot of Titanfall").

The names of all the game's maps, two more than expected, are as follows: Airbase, Angel City, Boneyard, Colony, Corporate, Demeter, Fracture, Lagoon, Nexus, Outpost 207, Overlook, Relic, Rise, Smuggler and Training Ground. Two, Smuggler and Lagoon, feature water on parts of the maps, and other contain anti-titan turrets and pilot ziplines.

Titanfall is due for release on March 11 on Xbox One and PC, with the Xbox 360 version out March 25.

Source: Reddit via Eurogamer

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