‘Overwatch’ Holiday Comic Revealed Tracer Is Gay; Blizzard Entertainment New Comic Book Banned In Russia

By Arlene Limsiaco , Updated Dec 21, 2016 11:11 AM EST

Blizzard Entertainment had already published their latest holiday comic of "Overwatch" entitled "Reflections". Aside from featuring different characters of the game, the company revealed their first queer character as Tracer being gay and was shown kissing another woman.

"Overwatch" holiday comic "Reflection" focused on Tracer's holiday season. As what the comic showed, Tracer was seen kissing his allegedly girlfriend named Emily after opening the gift she gave and went together to a holiday dinner with Winston afterward.

From that certain part of the story, it seems that the two character were already living together and exclusively dating. This was not the first time that Tracer has been in a dating stage to another woman. "Overwatch" fan always pairing the pixie-like hero to another female character whose her sworn enemy ever since, Widowmaker. Blizzard Entertainment confirmed that aside from Tracer, they still have many queer characters of "Overwatch" to be reveal soon.

'Overwatch' comic was banned in Russia:

With the "Overwatch" latest revelation, many of the fans enjoyed the holiday comic book but of course, some are not happy with this. The comic has been banned in Russia due to portraying same-sex relationship when two female characters were seen kissing each other.

One of the Twitter users named Malkythera shared a photo showing that "Overwatch" holiday comic was totally banned in the country. YellowAfterLife twitter user translated the text in the photo saying "In accordance with the russian law we cannot share this comic with our players on the territory of Russian Federation" [sic]. The particular law to which the block alludes was passed in 2013 to protect children from "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relationships."

Russia country was known for being conservative in regards to same-sex relationship issues. In this matter, Blizzard Entertainment made a clarification to Eurogamer that the comic voluntarily was now restrained in order to follow the country's law.

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