‘Heroes of the Storm’ News & Udpate: New DLC Character Coming; Know Zul'jin’s Traits, Abilities, Talents & More Here

By Staff Reporter , Updated Dec 22, 2016 01:34 PM EST

"Heroes of the Storm" is set to have a new DLC character as recently announced by Blizzard Entertainment. Fans can now enjoy playing the warlord Zul'jin as it is set to arrive in the multiplayer online battle arena.

According to PCGamesN, Zul'jin is an Amani empire troll warlord that is ready to take his revenge on any kind of elves that will try to come his way. "Before the elves and their Alliance, the forests of Lordaeron belonged to the trolls of the Amani empire," the description of the new "Heroes of the Storm" character reads.

Zul'jin has a deeper story and players will have the ability to unleash his true potential in "Heroes of the Storm." "As their warlord, Zul'jin has united the tribes into an army that stands ready to take back what is theirs and to slay the elves who stole it from them," the description continued.

Zul'jin has the ability to throw an axe murderously in a matter of a second in "Heroes of the Storm." Also, the more he becomes dangerous, the higher the potential he can cause a lot of damage.

GameSpot reported the full list of Zul'jin's traits, abilities and talents that can be seen and played in "Heroes of the Storm." His trait is Berserker that can gain one percent attack speed per one percent of missing health.

When the Berserker is activated, his cause of damage of his Basic Attacks can increase up to 25 percent that will only cost two percent of his maximum health per attack in "Heroes of the Storm." His Grievous Throw will give damage to its first two enemies hit and blot them for about eight seconds.

Zul'jin can also do Twin Cleave that ability that will let him throw two axes at a time in a large circular curve that will cost 15 percent of damage per weapon for two seconds. Moreover, he has the ability to regenerate in "Heroes of the Storm" called Regeneration will let him gain 25 percent of his maximum health in just four seconds.

Taz'dingo will make Zul'jin unable to kill in the next four seconds in "Heroes of the Storm" and his health won't even move even one scale lower. Lastly, Guillotine can let him throw an enormous amount of guillotine into the sky that will fall down on his enemies. "Heroes of the Storm" Zul'jin DLC will come in January 2017 for PC.

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