‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Updates: Tetsuya Nomura Talks Game Development Progress; Teases Lighting, Model Enhancements

By RG Ferrer , Updated Dec 22, 2016 09:23 AM EST

Many gamers have been looking forward to the impending release of "Kingdom Hearts 3." Recently, series director Tetsuya Nomura gave an update on the development progress of the upcoming game.

With the impending release of other gaming titles in the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise, developers can now shift their focus to "Kingdom Hearts 3." Despite the information drought about the said game in the past few months, Nomura's recent interview with Dengeti Playstation, as cited by KH Insider, shed some light on what the development team has been busy with.

One of the team's development tasks involved testing and modifying the game's "Situation Command" for a more immersive gameplay experience. Described as an integral part of the upcoming game, the development team is aiming to further enhance the said gameplay feature and tweak quick time events.

Nomura and his development team are also looking at improving the game's lighting without affecting the tone and atmosphere of various Disney-themed worlds. In partnership with Visual Works, the team is receiving valuable insights from the said firm on how to implement the team's lighting improvement plans.

However, Nomura admitted that they are currently experimenting with different lighting settings through a "trial and error" method. The game director added, "I think further improvements will be made in the future."

Moreover, developers are also busy reworking the game's various models. Progress on that development aspect is going ahead as planned and will be ready in time for the game's next big announcement, according to Nomura.

Meanwhile, several reports have hinted of potential game elements that players may see in the upcoming gaming title including the addition of more Disney characters and special themed worlds. Nomura even shared in an earlier interview that they plan to create diverse and original worlds for the game, aside from the classic Disney realms.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" is expected for release sometime in 2017. Watch the game's trailer below:

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