‘Super Mario Run’ New ‘Friendly Run’ Game Mode Not As Rewarding As ‘Toad Rally’

By RG Ferrer , Updated Dec 22, 2016 09:25 AM EST

Nintendo recently released a new "Super Mario Run" game mode that allows gamers to compete against each other for free. Named the "Friendly Run," one disadvantage of the said game mode is its lack of reward items as compared to the iOS game's "Toad Rally."

Several days after "Super Mario Run" was released for iOS devices, Nintendo already deployed a new game content for the said mobile gaming app. With an additional game mode dubbed "Friendly Run," players can compete against each other without having to shell out in-game tickets.

Despite the chance to showcase a player's gaming expertise, the new "Friendly Run" has very little to offer avid gamers. Winning the multiplayer challenge does not reward gamers with in-game tickets, toads or other special items, according to Game Rant.

For players hoping to earn as many toads as they could to build in-game houses and unlock playable characters, they would have to continuously play the mobile gaming app's "Toad Rally" mode. However, the "Friendly Run" would be a fun activity for gamers looking to play against each other.

Meanwhile, the "Friendly Run" is only available to play for gamers who purchased the full version of Nintendo's mobile gaming app. Moreover, with a limited number of chances to participate in the said game mode on a daily basis, completing the various in-game worlds will add more racing opportunities.

Gamers who are still on World 1 can only participate in one "Friendly Run" race in a day. However, two racing chances are added for every world that a player has completed. Surpassing the four-level World 1 will result in three daily chances to join a race while completing World 2 would mean five daily chances to participate in the said game mode.

In other news, Nintendo's new mobile gaming app reached an impressive milestone in less than one week after its release. A statement from the Japan-based company, as obtained by Destructoid, revealed the more than 40 million download count that the game achieved in just four days.

"Super Mario Run" was released on Dec. 15 for iOS devices. Watch the game's trailer below:

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