Hello Games Continues Drive For ‘No Man’s Sky’ Improvement

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 24, 2016 02:39 AM EST

Hello Games continues to work on improving “No Man’s Sky” following a forgettable debut back in August. Patches containing bug fixes and game play improvements continue and more are reportedly on the way.

As mentioned in a previous post, recurring game play and performance issues have hampered the ambitious space exploration game. Much of that has been addressed in recent weeks, including additional interaction with NPCs and quests.

While most of that is being worked on, the PS4 Pro compatibility issue could be in the mix. Support for the game console was recently hinted by Llamasoft’s Jeff Minter when someone asked him about the overall presentation of “No Man’s Sky” on the latest Sony game console via Twitter.

That said, such has led many to speculate that PS4 Pro support is on the way. Hello Games has yet to make this official so it would be best to take this update lightly though Minter has been around and a credible source, not to mention having reliable ties in the business.

Seeing some key changes to allow “No Man’s Sky” maximize the resources of the PS4 Pro can only excite gamers all the more. Sean Murray is aware of the performance issues though stresses flexibility in adapting to current game console hardware as a flexibility they can work on.

Murray was referring to improved textures and frame rates, something he says can be fundamentally changed with the right tweaks via released patches. With higher specs, added and detailed content can be delivered which would be to the benefit of “No Man’s Sky” gamers”, Daily Star reported.

Support for the PS4 Pro could be out soon seeing how the latest game console from Sony has been around for quite some time now. Expect more updates from Hello Games as they try to rebuild a promising game that took off on the wrong foot.

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