‘Maple Story 2’: Level 200 Players Could Reach Fifth Job Advancement Skill; Tips To Make Game Easier Not Revealed

By Lilibeth C , Updated Dec 31, 2016 02:59 AM EST

Nexon's "Maple Story 2" has just released its latest update which includes the V Matrix Skills system. It reduced leveling curve as well as the hosts of Improvements for the V update. The activation of the fifth job advancement skills for level 200 players is also accessible.

Game Spot says that there are 84,075 single player characters compared to a group of players which was numbered 79,944 which was excluded in the 12,985,342 total players. Though these numbers belongs only to "Maple Story" and not "Maple Story 2."

The V Matrix Skill System is one of the latest update which allows the players to choose the skills they wanted to master as well as combining it to the skills they already mastered. Reduced leveling Curve allows the players to easily reach their full potential. Experience has also been lessen to thirty percent in order to reach level 200, making it easier to become an ultimate hero of "Maple Story," as per Gamasutra.

Ranger's Fury update also includes New Ranger Class wherein players can easily deal with heavy damage on either up-close or far away targets using their bows. Level Cup has also reached increased to 50 which allows the players to increase their ability and powers to whatever monster's they may face.

Nexon has just claimed that "Maple Story 2" has been very successful since it has been launched in July 2015. As they just released an info graphic which has been saying that players have spent 17,800 years up to now.

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