Square Enix Family Wishes A Happy New Year To All!

By Beverly V. , Updated Jan 02, 2017 09:24 PM EST

The year of 2017 has at last unfolded as people praise the new year over the globe. Indeed, even developers at Square Enix are excited.

On New Year's Eve, Director Hajime Tabata and Final Fantasy 15 creators wished everybody a happy new year on their official twitter page. A photograph of the main cast was displayed every holding a letter illuminating their message.

Beginning from Ignis (left) looking fairly stern obviously, Prompto smiling, Noctis with an outstretched arm and Luna in the center posturing like an unassuming princess, with kin Iris and Gladiolus toward the end, grinning brilliantly against the background of Eos. To top it all, the game's mascot, a yellow Chocobo participates on the good times.

Another group tolled in too applauding the new year. Creators of Kingdom Hearts gave a shoutout on their twitter page, prodding fans with a screenshot from the acclaimed series with Mickey Mouse and Aqua together. Long-lasting fans have been going wild as far back as news spread about Kingdom Hearts 3. Rest guaranteed Director Tetsuya Nomura is right now buckling down in the background to revive the game. Meanwhile, a release date has been affirmed for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue prepared to dispatch towards the end of this current month.

Initially released on the PS2 in 2002 with numerous turn-offs, Kingdom Hearts is a highlighted coordinated effort with two entertainment giant, Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios delivering well-known characters like Mickey, Goofy and Donald over to the dreamland. Players go up against the part of Sora exploring an immense universe loaded with wonder.

Fans may need to sit tight somewhat longer for a real release date.Yet, the series will commend its fifteenth commemoration this year, holding its first ever Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour concert which Nomura specified in a holiday message.

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