'Final Fantasy XV' Holiday Pack Rolled Out; 2017 DLC Adds 4 Episodes But Spin-Off Not Coming In March

By Ben Lindon , Updated Dec 30, 2016 05:42 PM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" upcoming DLC is expected to add four story-driven episodes that players may purchase in 2017. Moreover, Square Enix is expected to shut down the "Final Fantasy XV" spin-off by March 2017. In the meantime, the developers have also launched the Holiday Pack while Season Pass owners reportedly got the Holiday Pack+ already.

Holiday Pack And Holiday Pack+ Bonuses

It should be noted that "Final Fantasy XV" players with a standard edition of the game may already have access to the Holiday Pack. Note that the new update was released on Dec. 22 along with a New Game+ mode.

Furthermore, the Holiday Pack reportedly includes the Annihilation Victory Song and Level Stopper. Along with it is a LImited Time Carnival Ticket and a Noctis Exclusive Mog Chocot T-shirt available via the January 2017 update.

"Final Fantasy XV" Season Pass owners may reportedly take advantage of more bonus items with the Holiday Pack+ update. Note that the pack reportedly includes a Noctis Exclusive Phantom and Command Booster as well as a Protection Ring, Limited Time Carnival Ticket+, Key of Fortune, Stamina Anchor and the Instant Kill and Battle Skill Victory Songs. The January Update is further expected to launch a Carnival Style Noctis Exclusive and a Holiday Pack Exclusive Photo Frame, OnlySP reported.

Spin-off Mobile Game "Justice Monsters V" Shutting Down in March 2017

In other news, the "Final Fantasy XV" spin-off free-to-play iOS and Android Mobile game "Justice Monsters V" is expected to be shut down next year. The game reportedly featured several iconic monsters from "Final Fantasy XV". Apparently, Square Enix has announced shutting down service for the mobile game spin-off on Mar. 27, 2017.

"Final Fantasy XV" spin-off reportedly ran for only six months. Apparently, the initial revenue earnings may not have lived up to the expectations of the developers. In addition, note that the purchasable Golden Orbs may no longer be sold after Feb. 27 but Square Enix may reimburse players for unused Golden Orbs, WWG reported. Watch the spin-off gameplay here:


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