Experts Say PS4 Has 5 Hidden Features That Every User Should Know; Use It With ‘Far Cry Primal’

By Henry Abragan , Updated Jan 04, 2017 07:23 PM EST

PS4 may be a great gaming console, however, the number of its menus can be a bit confusing for some users. This is especially true for a lot of gamers who only want to get in, and begin playing the video games.

PS4 Hidden Features That Can Make It Easier To Use Console

The PS4 controller's light bar for motion typing. PS4 users can click down the right thumbstick to enable the motion controls. With the use of the small motions, tilt the controller to hover the cursor to the letter that will be input. According to Business Insider, this PS4 feature can maximize the typing efficiency, when used with other controller typing shortcuts.

Using phone as a keyboard. Make sure that the PS4 and the phone are connected to a similar Wi-Fi network, and proceed to the PlayStation App connection settings and add the device. Following this, click the "connect to PS4" on the PlayStation App, and input the code displayed on the TV.

Provides more power. Since the light bar on the back of the controller drains the battery, this can be dimmed by holding down the PS4 home button. Choose the "adjust sound and devices" to change the brightness.

Can switch on PS4 and TV simultaneously. Choose "system" on the settings menu and check "enable HDMI link". However, this feature works only some TVs.

Play remotely with PC or Mac. Wireless game streaming is allowed through this feature from PS4 to any computer. However, file is required to be downloaded to enable this.

"Far Cry Primal" Is Among Best PS4 Games In 2016

"Far Cry Primal" is PS4 spinoff game, which has previously been regarded as more of an overkill DLC for any instalments in the game franchise. However, the game's take on the numerous time periods and the vast environments have proven this otherwise. In fact, reports suggest that the gamers are enjoying the extensive weapon choices and the gameplay, according to Polygon.

PlayStation-4 hidden features:

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