‘Overwatch’ Oasis Map Comes With Traversal Options, Environmental Hazards; Brawler’s Guild In Patch 7.1.5

By Henry Abragan , Updated Jan 06, 2017 08:42 AM EST

"Overwatch" players reportedly got the new control point map with new traversal options and environmental hazards. In addition, latest reports reveal that the Brawler's Guild is being featured in the Patch 7.1.5. It is expected that "Overwatch" oes would be more difficult to beat.

Beware of Traffic in the Oasis Map

It should be noted that the Oasis map may feature jump pads to help launch players high in the air. Apparently, the map has an active highway plagued with deadly traffic. On that note, getting in the way of a car is noted to be a one-hit kill for "Overwatch" players.

The Oasis map is said to be new to players on the "Overwatch"main servers. However, the Oasis map has reportedly been noted on the public test realm of "Overwatch" since November 2016. The Oasis map was then available to download for Early Access members.

It should be noted that the previous download is said to be a completely separate version of "Overwatch" while it is now a part of the game. In addition, the Oasis map is reportedly free to use for all "Overwatch" players on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, Engadget reported.

"Overwatch" References Pointed Out in Version 7.1.5 Brawler's Guild

In other news, latest reports claim that Brawler's Guild is expected to make a comeback in the World of Warcraft. Moreover, Wowhead reportedly revealed references linking Brawler's Guild with "Overwatch." Wowhead reportedly claim that the Brawler's Guild would be making a comeback via the patch 7.1.5.

"Overwatch"Winston is expected to be featured in the Ogrewatch challenge in the Brawler's Guild as well as Stuffshrew with his explosive ability. Dataminers reportedly unveil achievements, rewards and buffs that may be purchased in the game. Note that a Blood-Soaked invitation may be necessary to take part in the challenge mode, Gamespot reported.

Watch the New Oasis Map Tour here:

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