‘Diablo 3’ Anniversary Patch Trailer Celebrates 20 Years Of Original ‘Diablo’; 16 New Levels Recreated Via New Dungeon

By Henry Abragan , Updated Jan 06, 2017 08:45 AM EST

"Diablo 3" Anniversary Patch trailer that marks the 20th anniversary of the original "Diablo" brings a new outline of the genius behind the major update, which is set to come in January. Unfortunately, those who have been waiting for new details regarding the "Diablo 3" patch 2.4.3 in the new video might be disappointed, as no further information was provided by Blizzard.

The "Diablo 3" Anniversary Patch recreates first "Diablo"

In the latest entry of the "Diablo" series, the "Diablo 3", 16 new levels will be added, which will be accessed by joining a global event that involves cultists that remain loyal to Adria the Witch. When the short quest chain has been completed, the players are expected to get accessed to the new levels that reportedly use a new visual filter that aims to recreate the first "Diablo's" grainy textures.

"Diablo 3's" boss battles have also been retooled, including the Butcher. With that, the community is believed to find other easter eggs within the new levels. Furthermore, the NPCs and the players may also use the classic eight-direction movement technique, which is used by RPGs and dungeon crawlers of its era.

"Diablo 3," meantime, is now available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the PC. The new Anniversary Patch, on the other hand, is set to come to the PC in late January, Gamespot reported.

"Diablo 3's" special anniversary event "Darkening of Tristram" features new dungeon

According to reports, the most remarkable feature of the anniversary event is the new dungeon that comes with 16 levels of the first "Diablo" that had been recreated with new "Diablo 3" features. The new dungeon is showcased in the "glorious retrovision", with the camera closely mimicking the original perspective of the "Diablo" series, tinier sounds, including a pixel filtering for just about everything, according to PC Gamer.

Watch Diablo III - The Darkening of Tristram - Wirt's Leg & Royal Calf:

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