'Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization' Upcoming "Shrine Maiden Of Abyss" Update Information

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 10, 2017 08:49 AM EST

A massive content update is reportedly on its way for "Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization." The expansion is called "Shrine Maiden of Abyss" and is expected to add graphic-altering equipment, an infinite dungeon, EX sword skills, field content and possibly more. Speculations point to the game's developers considering adding even more content even before the expansion update hits consoles.

The developers have revealed a list of some of the content being deliberated. They also claim that not all of the items will be included although it is still a possibility. The target release date for the new content is set to be sometime after the game's "The 3rd Sacraments" update, as reported by Siliconera.

"Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization" content update "Shrine Maiden of Abyss" will supposedly receive the following items. However, the developers have advised its fans that the items listed are still being carefully considered by the team.

Field Content

The first one is "Enigma Order" and requires players to hunt different parts in order to complete an equipment item. The second is called "Mimic Hunting," where players discover maps that emit a beam pointing to buried Mimics. The third field content is "Invisibility Product" that allows players to learn a special skill that reveals invisible enemies. The last one is "Abyss" and has players explore a lightless dungeon using some lights to navigate towards a goal.

Additional EX Sword Skills

The update will include trails to further improve learned sword skills. Players offered to clear some trails that will expand their character's sword skills even further.

Team role-assignment

Players should be able to delegate tasks for each of their team members. Each member's role can be maximized by setting them to perform certain abilities to fulfill a preset condition. As an example, tank characters may be set to guard party members, a magic user to lock on to a specific enemy and a healer to constantly keep all party members in optimum health level.

Gematsu has featured the full list of upcoming content for the "Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization" expansion "Shrine Maiden of Abyss" in their article. The estimated timeframe for the update is reported to be after the upcoming February update.

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