‘Pokemon Go’ Update: PokeStop Refresh Timing Is Not Helping; Tool That Calculate Years To Hit Level 40 Revealed

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 13, 2017 05:38 PM EST

"Pokemon Go" update is likely to affect the player's ability to play if only there is an access to some PokeStops. A Silph Road user shared some observations to the "Pokemon Go" fan community, including the change in how long it would take for the PokeStops to recharge. Based on reports, the change is likely to slow down play for the players who do not have several PokeStops to spin for supplies.

PokeStop Refresh Timing Is Important In "Pokemon Go" Players

Reports suggest that 30 seconds have been added to the PokeStop refresh times. When a player spins a PokeStop for items in "Pokemon Go", it becomes unavailable until it is recharged. On the other hand, the PokeStop becomes available to spin when it turns blue.

"Pokemon Go's" PokeStop turns pink, then slowly returns to blue when refreshed and could be spun again for supplies. Normally, the recharge time had been five minutes, however, reports indicate that this may be changing for the worse.

While these reports are only based on personal accounts, it is also worth investigating if there is access to some PokeStops, and the play time is very limited. Nevertheless, the players are advised to pay attention if it looks like the PokeStops take longer to refresh, Forbes reported.

"Pokemon Go" Players Can Measure Years It Takes To Hit Level 40

"Pokemon Go" players can be able to input their data and figure out how long it will take for them to get to level 40 of the game with the use of a tool. Using this calculator,  players with more than a million XP and with 180 days play time from the time they started will discover that they are still over eight and a half years away from reaching level 40. This means that they are only under 6,000 XP a day, and they could hit level 40 in 2025, according to Forbes.

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