Final Fantasy Plot Questioned By Fans As Gamers Allowed To Get More AP Fast

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 13, 2017 05:32 PM EST

"Final Fantasy 15" players have reportedly noted questionable details on the game's plot. Several characters like Luna and Ravus may have caught the attention of the gaming community. In addition, a new way of farming AP has reportedly been revealed online.

Why Did The Crystal Reject Arden?

First off, Arden was cast out by the Crystal in "Final Fantasy 15" for his healing. Note that the character Luna heals Starscourge that turns people into daemons. Apparently, this ability is also slowly killing her.  

Similarly, Arden has been noted as a healer-king that takes daemons out of his populace as his ultimate act of royal love and selflessness that causes the Crystal to reject him. The "Final Fantasy 15" community reportedly questioned the power of the Oracle to heal people of Starscourge, absorbing their daemons and then eliminating those daemons out of the world by dying, Gematsu reported.

Another questionable character noted in "Final Fantasy 15" was Ravus who apparently decided to join the Niffs, reportedly confusing players as to his intentions. Note that his being the son of Tenebrae may make him questionable for such a high position. Apparently, the story in Kingsglaive may not have been translated to "Final Fantasy 15" enough in a new format for the general understanding of the main players.

New Way To Get 500AP Fast

In other news, the "Final Fantasy 15" latest update reportedly came with a better way of earning AP in a very fast manner. Note that there is a new accessory that aids in farming AP allowing players to get as much as 500AP in just 15 minutes. On that note, an Armiger Accelerator may be required along with Blitzer's Fare and Warrior's Fanfare, Kotaku reported.

"Final Fantasy 15" players may also need to activate the armiger action ascension mode. Furthermore, the battle mode may need to be started before killing enemies. Apparently, killing monsters with a single strike may be important.

How to get more AP faster? Watch here:


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