‘Final Fantasy 15’: Real-Life Characters, Locations In The Works; 12 Languages To Roll-Out

‘Final Fantasy 15’: Real-Life Characters, Locations In The Works; 12 Languages To Roll-Out

“Final Fantasy 15” lead character is said to be inspired by an American singer-song writer. Moreover, an impressive PC tech demo video has been revealed online.

by Mia P.

Final Fantasy XV – 101 Trailer Extended Cut (EU Version)

'Final Fantasy 15' DLC: Episode Explores Fate Of Ignis; Character Creation Tool Developed

“Final Fantasy 15” has its own set of DLCs, and among them is the last DLC that features Ignis. A new character creation tool is also being developed.

by Ben Lindon

FINAL FANTASY 15 Gameplay Full Demo (E3 2016) Final Fantasy XV

'Final Fantasy 15' Booster Pack, Major DLCs Release Date Revealed

“Final Fantasy 15” is slated to get a Booster pack this month. Additionally, the first major addition to the game is expected to be released in March.

by Mia P.

Final Fantasy XV - Aranea can join the party ANYTIME !

'Final Fantasy 15' Update: This Is How Exciting Self-Photographing Feature Is; Post-Launch Support In The Works?

“Final Fantasy 15” update comes with a feature that lets players take photos within the game. The game is also expected to get post-launch support from Square Enix.

by Ben Lindon

Final Fantasy XV - Chocobo Carnival DLC video Reveal !!! The Place is in Altissia

‘Final Fantasy 15' Moogle Chocobo Carnival Trailer Reveals Two Exclusive Outfits; Over 6 Million Copies Shipped!

“Final Fantasy 15” is set to begin its Moogle Chocobo Carnival on Jan. 24. Two exclusive outfits have also been revealed in a Japanese trailer released recently.

by Mia P.

Tokyo Game Show 2016 - Day 1

Final Fantasy Plot Questioned By Fans As Gamers Allowed To Get More AP Fast

Final Fantasy 15 characters and plot may be questionable to some such as the rejection of the compassionate king-healer Arden. Moreover, a recent update reportedly allows players to get more AP and faster.

by Ben Lindon

Final Fantasy 15 - HOLIDAY DLC PACK! 22 DEC. 2016!

'Final Fantasy XV' Free DLC Includes Game Reset with All Data Carried Over; Update Ready by 22nd

“Final Fantasy XV” new DLC includes a new game mode where players can reset the game but without resetting the stats.

by Allan

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