Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour’ Guide: How to Get The Dirty Coin

By Allan , Updated Jan 17, 2017 08:17 PM EST

In the demo version of “Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour”, players can acquire the Dirty Coin which they can later transfer in the main game. So this article is all about guiding players how to solve the puzzle in the game and successfully get the Dirty Coin.

The first step in getting the Dirty Coin is finding the blank notebook which is located in the first door in the right. Then head left through the hallway until a table with a lamp is seen. Access the drawer and the blank notebook should be found wherein entries should be completed. Next is to find the VHS tape and the bolt cutters which is found in the mud room. The bolt cutter should be found in one of the corpse and tape inside the sealed dresser.

Next is to activate the tape in the player in the starting room to prompt the flashback sequence. This should be followed by a visit in the basement by getting the key in the attic. Go inside the white door to find another key in the stretcher then head back up to the main floor and find the water heater. A lockpick should be found in the heater which will be used to open the drawer in the kitchen and acquire a hand axe.

Go to the first floor and into the room close to the stairs. In the room, look for the escape ladder to find writings on the wall and the dummy fingers in the shelf to point at the bookcase in the front door. Go back to the basement and point at the stretcher, followed by pointing at the barricaded door in the room under the stairs. Next, point at the wires in the attic and the pot in the kitchen after interacting with it.

Last but not the least, collect the five Giggles found in the writing in the wall, barricaded door, painting of the lady by attacking it with the axe, interacting with the black mirror, and the doll in the ground. Once all five Giggles are found, go straight to the attic and find the secret door. Go inside and get the Dirty Coin from the plaque. Save the file and wait for the release of the main game for transfer.

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