Resident Evil 7’ Complete Trophy List

By Allan , Updated Jan 18, 2017 08:03 PM EST

“Resident Evil 7” doesn’t come out until next week but since selected people were able to get early copies, spoilers of the game are already circulating online. Now players know a lot of things in the game which will help them in their gameplay when they finally get their own copy. And in this article, the complete list of trophies in the game are listed and how to get each of them.

First on the list is the “She’s Alive” trophy which can be acquired by just traveling to Louisiana, “Behind Closed Door” trophy earned by just closing an opened door, “Arms in the Air” trophy by blocking an attack from the enemy, “A-Ha!” trophy by doing a close examination on a thing, “Nice Try” trophy received by placing an unrelated item on a shadow plinth, and the “Open Your Eyes” trophy by just using the psychostimulants.

There is also the “In the Bag” trophy by adding the item slots, “Things Got Personal” trophy by just killing an opponent using a knife, then there’s the “Slash Slash, Slashity Slash!” when the player finishes off an insect using a knife, the “That’s Spicy Meat-a-ball” trophy is received by killing the opponent using a remote bomb attached to them.

Another trophy is the “1st Place at the Science Fair” which is received by creating objects that have Strong Chem Fluid and Chem Fluid, then “Can’t Catch Me” trophy which is received by completing the videotape Mia but not being caught by Marguerite. Next is the “Be Kind, Please Rewind” which is also received by watching videotapes but this time all of it in a single play. Then there’s also the “He’s Here, There, Everywhere!” trophy when the player destroy a statuette of Mr. Everywhere while the “Less is More” is achieved by killing two or more opponents in one shot.

Next is the “Out Before Dessert” received when the player finishes the 5 minute Happy Birthday videotape, “Pelicans in Your Pocket” trophy acquired by getting all the antique coins, and “The Devil is in the Details” when the player read all the files. Then there’s the “Mr. Nowhere” if the player destroys all the statuettes of Mr. Everywhere, the “Playing it Safe” trophy if the player complete the game on easy mode, and “The Nightmare’s Finally Over” when completed in normal mode and “Who’s Your Daddy Now?” when completed in madhouse.

The “Just Get Me Outta Here” if the player finishes the game in 4 hours and last but not the least is the “Resource Manager” trophy when the player unlocks all the trophies in the game. Aside from all the trophies listed in this game, there are 11 hidden trophies in the game.

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