'Overwatch' Sniper Stigma And Upcoming Chinese New Year Event

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 20, 2017 05:41 AM EST

Staying away from the carnage and targeting players from afar are just a few things that make a sniper. However, in "Overwatch," there is a reported shame when players use Hanzo or Widowmaker during play. Some users experience negative feedback during online play when they choose to play using characters that fit the sniper profile. 

Patricia Hernandez from Kotaku claims there have been stories of players getting harassed when they use snipers in the game. Even during casual play, gamers are even bothered by their teammates when they opt to fight from afar. The game's team based mechanics have often caused grief for other gamers when their buddies tell them to switch characters. This in turn generates a bad experience for several players who just want to play casually.

In Overwatch players have the option to report other players through a set of menu choices. Once a player gets reported several times system usually steps in to slap a penalty to that user. Players are expected to switch characters many times during the match to fit their team's current objective or situation. But it seems some gamers are playing safe and just choosing characters suggested by their teammates to avoid being reported.

On another note, the game is expecting another seasonal event next week. The next one is obviously going to be a "Chinese New Year" or also known as "Spring Festival" theme. The team-based shooter's official Twitter account announces the start date of the "Year of the Roster" event, which is next Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017, say Polygon. It is apparently a few days ahead of the "Chinese New Year," which is expected on Jan 28, 2017.

The "Overwatch" "Year of the Rooster" event is expected to bring new character skins. Their tweets hinted at the new content with Mei wearing a red and gold costume and holding red envelopes. Meanwhile, the game's Korean Twitter account showcases D.Va wearing a traditional costume apparently meant for the Chinese New Year.

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