Ariana Grande Now Playable In ‘Final Fantasy’ Mobile Game; Here’s How To Get Her Character

By Allan , Updated Jan 20, 2017 06:55 PM EST

Ariana Grande’s character is now available to be played in Brave Exvius’ “Final Fantasy” mobile game. Her character is inspired by her bunny ears outfit and it looks exactly like her except that it's in pixelated form. Players who want to use her as their character can do so for absolutely free.

In 2016, Ariana Grande has confirmed her she will be involved in Brave Exvius’ “Final Fantasy” mobile app. And just recently, Gamespot has reported Brave Exvius has already reported that her character is now available for everyone to play. Her character is named “Dangerous Ariana” and is dressed like one of her famous outfits as a singer.

In a report from Kotaku, the website shares exactly how to successfully get her character to join the player’s party. Players just need the Dimensional Vortex unlocked and join the Dangerous Woman Tour event. After finishing the battles, the event will reward the player with “Dangerous Ariana”. The easiest way to win the event is to wear headphones to hear the music properly. Once victory is reached, players will get Ariana on their mailbox.

Gamers can also add different equipment for their “Dangerous Ariana” character to use. In addition, the game added their own version of Grande’s “Touch It” that players can listen to while on the game or hear it on YouTube. The game is also free to download and play in most smartphones today. It can be downloaded on both iTunes and Google play store.

Ariana Grande was first known for her role as Cat Valentine in the show Victorious from Nickelodeon before she became an international pop star. Today, Grande has released numerous songs that have reached the top of many music charts and is no longer just a singer but also an inspiration for a character in one of the installments “Final Fantasy”.

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