Hajme Tabata Discusses 'Final Fantasy XV' Story DLC & More

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 25, 2017 09:12 AM EST

Despite the success of "Final Fantasy XV," the game has been the subject of many complaints from its fans. Gamers speculate that the game was an unfinished mess or confusing mix of different ideas. Most players felt that the RPG's chapter 13 was incoherent from the rest of the main story. However, Square Enix's Hajime Tabata insists that the chapter was intentionally designed to seem like a different story.

In an interview with US Gamer, Tabata explains that the whole idea of the game's chapter 13 gameplay was "a decision made from the development team." He also agrees with that the combat mechanics of the chapter is quite challenging for most players. The director points out that the upcoming story update will hopefully redeem its mistakes.

The story update will apparently add more story elements and cutscenes to add more depth to "Final Fantasy XV's" gameplay. The added content will supposedly explain certain character's motivations in the story. Hajime Tabata believes that the character Ravus was underdeveloped and they plan to add more information about his intentions. However, with all these added elements, gamers are expected to replay the entire game.

Players continue to feel that the game is incomplete and confusing, even after the developers admitted that certain parts of the game were intentional. Not including the notoriously negative feedback received by its chapter 13, gamers claim that there are some portions that felt great, but don't quite belong in the main story, according to Game Rant. Reports point out that everything not included in the initial open world area, does not connect with the storyline and overall gameplay.

To conclude, most reviews acknowledge that there are still good elements in "Final Fantasy XV." Hajime Tabata believes that the game will change for the better once all the single player DLCs have been completed. However, asking fans to wait for the complete updates and replaying the entire game seems unwise. Players reportedly hope this trend of relying on DLCs to expand the main storyline does not continue with future titles.

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