'Resident Evil 7' Guide: How To Get The Handguns & Shotgun

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 25, 2017 08:46 AM EST

"Resident Evil 7" requires players to make sure Ethan Winters survives the Baker family plantations many dangers. Making sure that the protagonist is adequately prepared to defend against the enemy's attacks is very important. The main protagonist apparently does not have any combat training like the franchise's other heroes, but players can use firearms to even out the odds while playing the game. The guide will help players locate the handguns and the shotgun during their playthrough.

Players can find the first handgun in the guest house attic. The location can be accessed when during normal progress until they return to the main floor with the bolt cutters. The item can be found in the basement during the course of the game. Game Rant says that once the player has the bolt cutters, they can proceed towards the area with the chained cupboard through the kitchen.

Unlike the "Resident Evil 7" demo "Beginning Hour," players will get a fuse from the unlocked cupboard. Return to room with the television and install the item in the fuse box. Locate the button on the pillar upstairs to drop the attic stair down. The handgun can be found in the first room together with some ammunition lying around.

The second handgun can be found in the garage. Players obviously need to survive the random encounters with the Baker family. Upon reaching the destination, players will encounter a police officer and his handgun on the floor. Take note that this initiates a boss fight with Jack Baker, so it's prudent to immediately grab the handgun to fight back effectively.

In order to acquire the shotgun, head to the house where the main hall feature a dog head door. A statue will be holding the firearm, but upon removal, locks the door behind the protagonist. Players must retrieve a broken shotgun to replace the one held by the statue. Proceed to the slaughterhouse basement to grab the Scorpion Key while avoiding some enemies. Return to the recreation room in order to access Grandma's room where players can get the broken shotgun and other items.

Multiple publications have applauded "Resident Evil 7" for its grindhouse appeal. Kotaku describes the game as scary, which is good since its previous installments were apparently lacked a level so creepiness. It also supports the Playstation VR and is available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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