Resident Evil 7’ Guide: Where To Get All Bobblehead & Get The “Mr. Nowhere” Achievement In The Game

By Allan , Updated Jan 26, 2017 07:56 AM EST

Mr. Everywhere or also known as Bobblehead statues is found almost everywhere in “Resident Evil 7”. And if players take the time to collect and destroy all 20 of it, they get to earn the “Mr. Nowhere” achievement. And to help players find it all, this article contains all the location of the statues.

 Bobblehead Statues in the Main House and Testing Area

In the main house, there are a lot Mr. Everywhere to find as mentioned in an article from Gamerant. One is in the first-floor hallway inside the dresser while the second one is on the door on the left of the main hall entrance. The third one is in the laundry room located in the shelf at the table in the middle of the room.

The fourth one is in the room where the stag and should be found on the alcove inside the door with the crow in it. The fifth Bobblehead statue in the main house is found on the second floor inside the basket in the recreation room.

Next, head to the third floor of the house and look for the snake door with tree roots. A ladder should be found nearby and a statue should be seen by just looking up. Then in the testing area, there are two statues to destroy. One is found in the room with video equipment on the lintel and the other at the end of the room beside one of the poles.

Bobblehead Statues Found After the First Battle

Now after the first encounter with Mia, players will find a statues in the snake doors, close to the group of buckets and just behind the cardboard. Another statue should be found outside the yard after the three head dogs as the player head to the trailer.

Bobblehead Statues in the Old House

Now there is also a number of Mr. Everywhere in the old house. One is found on the way to the cellar when the player turns around at the top step. The second one is found in the save room located on the lake. It should be next to the picture on the wall to the left. If the player has finished solving a specific puzzle in the main house, another statue should be found another one in a crawl space in the old house. Last but not the least, there’s another Mr. Everywhere on the second floor in the altar room right next to the candelabra.

Bobblehead Statues in the Boat House, Wrecked Ship, Swamp and Salt Mine

Players should find a statue on the floor under the net in the boat house and another one on the fourth floor of the wrecked ship behind the railing. Then head to the second floor and go inside the room opposite the ladders to find a statue on the bulkhead. One more statue that’s easy to find is in the swamp inside the shack located in the window sill. And the last 2 statues should be found in the salt mine as mentioned by Game Revolution. One is just in front of the barrels under the bridge and the other close to the save room in the metal storage rack.

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