Sony Once Again Changes PS3 Box Art, Christmas Shopping in Jeopardy!

By CJ Melendez , Updated Mar 10, 2014 09:43 AM EDT

Spotted by IGN and confirmed by Sony comes word that PlayStation 3 box designs are set to change once again. Upon inspection of Tecmo's upcoming Deception IV: Blood Ties for the PlayStation 3 and Vita, IGN noticed that the game's box art does away with the black PS3 banner and instead opts for a shade of blue.

Sony confirmed with the site that future PlayStation 3 titles will sport a color scheme and banner cover art that falls in line with the same design as PS4 game box art. If you hadn't already noticed, this marks Sony's third redesign for their game's box art banner. The PlayStation 3 launched with its box featuring a vertical and horizontal banner using the comically named “Spider-Man font” from Sony Pictures and Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" series. The "phat" PS3 also sports this font, making it super cool.

In 2009, Sony changed the the PS3 box art to something much more simple and what you're bound to find on your shelf today: one vertical black banner with the text “PS3” and whatever else applied depending on the game's exclusivity and online functionality.

The new PlayStation 3 box art design puts the console's games in line with that of the PlayStation 4 and Vita's blue box art design.

IGN did not say that the actual color of the PlayStation 3 case has changed to match the blue plastic that PS4 games use, but upon first glance, this change might still have a small effect on a consumers potential to pick up a game for the wrong PlayStation console generation.

Just imagine Christmas of 2014 - grandparents and parents everywhere will start buying little Timmy PS3 games for his PS4, because they don't know any wiser. He won't be able to play them at all and his Christmas might be ruined! Thanks, Sony!

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