‘Final Fantasy 15’ Carnival Event Runs Until Feb. 9; Update 1.04 Features Bonus DLC Items

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 25, 2017 11:55 PM EST

"Final Fantasy 15" Carnival Event has officially started, along with the release of a new update. The limited-time event will run until Feb. 9, allowing the players to visit the Moogle Chocobo Carnival.

The "Final Fantasy 15" Carnival Event is accessed by downloading the Holiday Pack DLC "Final Fantasy 15" players are required to download the free or paid version of the Holiday Pack DLC in December to access the Carnival Event. According to reports, the Carnival Passport item that gives access to the event can be obtained once the DLC is installed.

Based on the "Final Fantasy 15" trailer, different carnival games, new quests and items and Chocobo racing events can be found in the event. Meantime, since this version happens separately from the main story, spoilers of the game would be unlikely.

Meanwhile, a free "Final Fantasy 15" update has also arrived, which provides the players with the feature of taking their own photos outside the combat. Reports indicate that these photos can be taken in the first- or third-person, and that filter and frames can also be used to the images similar to what is done to the Prompto photos, GameSpot reported.

"Final Fantasy 15" Update 1.04 Comes with Bonus DLC Items

"Final Fantasy 15" update 1.04 is reported to come with a selection of bonus DLC items that are available for purchase. These items include the Angler set, Travel Pack, Camera Kit and the Gourmand Set which can be obtained for free.

On the other hand, the new weapons include Mage Mashers, Gae Bolg, Masamune and the Blazdfire Sabre. As for the Car Recoulor, the new "Final Fantasy 15

Update 1.04 will feature Gold Chocobo, Cindymobile, Platinum Leviathan and 16-bit Buddies, according to Kotaku.

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