'Minecraft' Nintendo Switch Solves Biggest Game Problem For Years; Education Edition Highlighted In BETT Conference

By Mia P. , Updated Jan 25, 2017 11:57 PM EST

"Minecraft" is arriving to Nintendo Switch. Since the game is available in all released gaming platforms in the market, how different could be Switch's gameplay than the existing ones?

"Minecraft" Nintendo Switch Version

It has been established that the Nintendo Switch is a portable handheld console, which has the capacity to be connected to a bigger screen like the television. Contrary to other available gaming platforms, the Nintendo Switch can allow players to play while on the go or on the television.

"Minecraft" is well known for making use of unique versions for each of the platforms they are in; whether in PS Vita, Wii U, or Pocket Edition. While this is great attribute in games, the unfortunate part is that it is making it impossible for players to save their progress in a different platform. That is, gamers will not be able to play in the exact world in the PC game with the use of a smartphone.

With Nintendo Switch, however, "Minecraft" gamers will be able to play on the television and continue with the exact same progress with the console later on, Game Rant reported. Such a good news, gamers will never have to play different worlds when they are outside or in the home playing the Mojang game.

"Minecraft" Part Of Microsoft 2017 Education Toys

Redmond revealed its its new batch of educational toys during the BETT conference held in London. The batch included updates to "Minecraft" education edition, an open-ended game which gained popularity in primary schools as one of the most effective learning tools.

The "Minecraft" education edition updates included the incorporation of Polar bears and igloos. New tools were also added to aid teachers transition from one activity to another, Venture Beat reported.

"Minecraft" was first released in November 2011, occupying a number of gaming platforms. Since release, it has already sold millions of copies, making the game one of the most successful games of the century.

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