‘Dead Rising 4’ Update Brings New Street Fighter Costumes & Greater Difficulty Mode Settings

By Danny Smith , Updated Jan 29, 2017 09:51 PM EST

"Dead Rising 4" fans are hyped as they anticipate for the upcoming game update. The upgrade is set to introduce new features and novel content as is an Xbox One trial of the game. On top of it all, the game update is totally free.

Polgyon reports that the update will bring along two higher difficulty settings. Capcom did not give in-depth details about the new settings. However, they revealed key aspects; enemies can now do greater damage.  Weapons get damaged and break faster and food consumption allows player to recover less of his health.

In Game News says the game update is set to arrive on January 30. Also on that day, Capcom is set to launch five new outfits inspired by Street Fighters. Of the five new gears, only four has been revealed: M. Bison, Cammy, Guile, and Zangief. All five apparels will be available from in-game wardrobes.

On top of the game updates, "Dead Rising 4" have one more thing to watch out for. Capcom reveals that one day after the scheduled release of the game update, a free trial of "Dead Rising 4" will also be launched in an Xbox One version.

The free trial version of the game features a full hour of playtime. The demo version is fully equipped with the full features of the game, complete with all game achievements. What makes it more interesting is that any progress made during the free trial version can be carried over to the full version of the game should the player decide to purchase it.

As if all of its announcements were not enough, Capcom reveals that "Dead Rising 4" is ready for release in Germany on January 31. This marks the very first time the game series is made available in the country. It can be recalled that all other previous games were unsuccessful in obtaining a mark by Germany's ratings board, thereby blocking their German release.

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